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Products «Immunoadsorption columns ABO Adsopak»

ABO Adsopak® columns are intended for the reduction of the pretransplant titers of anti A/B antibodies to overcome blood group barrier.


The active ingredient of ABO Adsopak® column is high molecular weigh glycoconjugate. This new type of ligand provides a possibility of high adsorption capacity and regeneration of adsorption gel. ABO Adsopak® columns are indented for personal multiple use.


ABO Adsopak® are medical devices for plasmatherapy, which are included into plasma line of extracorporeal circuit. During the treatment plasma is depleted from circulating anti-A or anti-B or anti-A/B antibodies and is returned to the patient. The active ingredient of column binds the anti-A/B antibodies according to the principle of affinity chromatography by antibody-antigen interaction. Functionally the column can be compared with a filter. Anti-A/B antibodies bind with adsorption gel can be eluted by glycine buffer (pH 2.5). So the column can be regenerated and used in the next adsorption cycle.


Between the treatments columns are stored in storage solution at 2 – 8 °C. That storage solution is washed out from the columns prior to each apheresis procedure by saline.


Clinical experience of the ABO apheresis treatment with ABO Adsopak columns has shown its efficacy and safety. ABO Adsopak® columns completely correspond to the intended purposes, not compromise the clinical condition or the safety of patients. The use of this device gives to the patients a chance for successful graft transplantation and in this terms is a life saving treatment.