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Products «Immunoadsorption columns Toxipak»

Toxipak® is adsorption column indented for the extracorporeal treatment of sepsis and septic shock caused by gram-negative bacteria. Toxipak specifically bind endotoxins from human blood producing significant clinical benefit. Toxipak is a single use device.


The volume of active ingredient in column is 100+10 ml. The free space is filled with the sterile non-pyrogenic water and its volume is 50+10 ml. Toxipak column is ready for the work after replacement of the water by the saline. The flow rate of saline through the column is 150 ml/min. The column is used in the extracorporeal circulation circuit, providing by perfusion unit via the femoral or subclavian vein of a patient. The patient’s blood passes through column. During the treatment blood is depleted from endotoxins and is returned to the patient.


At least one patient’s total blood volume should pass through the column during the procedure.


Reduction of bacterial endotoxin level in the blood after the procedure with Toxipak® column is up to 77%. The clinical results during 24 hours after LPS adsorption procedure with Toxipak® column are following:

  • improvement in clinical status of patients according Sepsis-related Organ failure Assessment (SOFA) up to 5.5 points.
  • regression and absence of progression of SIRS - 80% of patients.
  • stabilization of the hemodynamic variables and the oxygen-transport function – 80% of patients.
  • no recurrence of severe sepsis and septic shock - 100% of patients.
  • reduction of procalcitonin as a major non-specific marker of Systemic Inflammation Response Syndrome up to 93%.
  • 28 day mortality - 24% (background mortality 42.5%).